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Technical Data

ETR-3 FM® Approved Limit Control

Panel Mount or DIN Rail Mount - On-Off Limit Control with Latching Relay - Manual Reset - FM® Approved - Touch-Safe Terminals.


The ETR-3 is an FM approved safety limit control. Protection of expensive heaters and sensitive materials from damaging over temperature conditions is provided by the ETR-3. The DIN Rail Mounting feature allows quick installation without drilling or extra hardware. Exceptional performance will be provided by the ETR-3 in the most demanding situations.



ETR-9040 1/16 DIN Microprocessor Based Limit Control

48mm x 48mm - Universal Input - Universal Power Supply - Remote or Local Reset - Selectable Control Range - Secondary Output - Event Input - Digital Communications - UL, CSA, and FM Approved.


The ETR-9040 Limit Control protects equipment, materials and personnel from over-temperature process conditions. A true back-up system can be put in place when this control is used with a dedicated sensor and contactor. Universal Input allows the ETR-9040 to be used in many temperature, pressure, flow and other control applications. An optional port provides additional functions such as a programmable alarm, RS-485 communications, DC power supply, limit annunciator, or event input. The 18 bit A/D converter and 5 per second sample rate reacts quickly to protect fast changing processes. The large display can be set up to view the Process Value (PV), Set Point Value (SV), or SAFE. A main output Form C relay can be configured as a High Limit, Low Limit or High and Low Limit. The ETR-9040 should be protecting your process because it's easy to use, versatile and extremely accurate.