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Technical Data

Control Panels


NEMA 4 enclosure
on/off selector switch
120 volt control circuit
door interlock disconnect switch
fused control circuit transformer
fused magnetic contactor(s)
multiple circuit systems have time delay between circuit on duty
dual insulating electronic temperature control
high limit control with manual reset
pilot lights for - system on, heat on & high limit
custom panels also available


(specifiy voltage and phase when ordering)


Custom Units Made To Order Available With:
Multiple Zones
Solid State/ Mercury Relay Power Handling
Stainless Steel NEMA 4X & NEMA 7 Enclosures
Motor Starters for Fans or Pumps
Integration to other field devices



Enclosure Heater

(Also available without box)




Screw Base Heater


(specifiy voltage when ordering)



Control Panel Thermostat

Model number DPC30525


10 amp 120 vac
5 amp 240 vac
Temperature setting
opens at 45°F ± 5°
closes at 35°F ± 6°
12” lead wires, rated at 105°F