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Technical Data

Mica Band Heaters are constructed by winding a nickel-chrome resistance ribbon around mica insulation and encapsulated in a stainless steel sheath. It is then formed to the desired diameter for installation over a dies, barrels and nozzles. They are available in an extensive variety of sizes and shapes with options for holes, notches and cut-outs. A number of threaded terminals, wire lead options and terminal boxes offer great flexibility for field wiring. With temperature capabilities of up to 900°F, these heaters are ideal for plastic processing applications and for anywhere heat is needed on a round or curved surface.


Clamping Styles
Built-in barrel nut
Separate strap
Flange lock-up
Latch and trunion
Spring-loaded barrel
Wedge lock


One Piece Construction
To be used when a heater can be slipped over a barrel without having to expand the heater extensively.
Diameter:5/8” min; 22” max
Width:5/8” min; 14” max
Two Piece or Multiple
Two piece or multiple segment bands make installation far more convenient and are recommended for applications over a 14” diameter. Spring loaded clamping is recommended.
Diameter:2” min; 44” max
Width:5/8” min; 14” max
One Piece Flexible
One-piece flexible heaters are used in applications where expanding the heater is necessary during installation and a multiple segment heater is not practical. These heaters should not be opened more than twice.
Square or Rectangular
Mica Heaters can be constructed in square or rectangular shapes if required. Other multi sided shapes are available.
Partial Coverage
Band heaters can be constructed to cover only a portion of the barrel or die. These are used where large holes or obstructions prevent the heater from going around the part.


Wire Leads
High Temperature Mica Insulated Fiberglass (900°F)

Stainless Braid Over Fiberglass Leads

Armour Cable Over Fiberglass
Threaded Terminals
10-32 Threaded Stud Terminals
Terminal Boxes
Stainless Steel Terminal Box Over Threaded Stud Terminals

European Style Box Straight or 90° Construction


2 Piece Construction - Ease of installation in difficult locations.Recommended for diameters larger than 15". Available with any termination or clamping styles.   Built-in Strap - Barrel nuts provide secure and strong clamping. Also availble in spring loaded designs for larger diameters.

Expandable or Hinged - One piece construction used where heater cannot be slid over the barrel or die. Two sets of terminals required. All terminations available.   Bent Up Flange - Available with any termination style and is only recommended for narrower designs.

Holes and Cutouts - Allow for installation of thermocouples and transducers and give clearance for mounting bolts.   Separate Strap - Available in all sizes and configurations. Built-in straps are recommended wherever possible. Typically used in smaller diameters.


Nozzle Style - Fiberglass leads 12" long is standard.   Fiberglass Leads with Armor Cable - Specify location and length of leads at time of order.

Nozzle Style - Fiberglass leads with metal overbraid 12" long is standard.   Fiberglass Leads with Metal Braid - Specify location and length of leads at time of order.

Nozzle Style - Fiberglass Leads with Metal Braid - Exiting from the edge at 180 degrees from the gap.   Fiberglass Leads with Protective Sleeve - Specify location and length of leads at time of order.


10-32 Threaded Terminals - Minimum width required 7/8".   Ceramic Terminal Covers - Available on all threaded terminals. Covers available separately.

10-32 Threaded Terminals - Minimum width required 7/8"- Specify location at time of order   Sheet Metal Terminal Box - Available with T2 and T3 threaded terminals.

10-32 Threaded Terminals - Minimum width required 2.00" - Specify location at time of order.   90 Degree European Plug - Also available straight out - Specify location at time of order.