ASB Heating Elements Ltd. manufactures electric resistance tubular heating elements; a tubular element is often referred to as a CalRod® element. The manufacture of our own tubular elements gives us the flexibility to offer you a full line of electric heating products. The list includes immersion heaters, flange heaters, screw plug heaters, tubular elements, finned tubular elements, tank heaters, and oven heaters.

Established in 1989, we have attracted only the highest caliber of fully trained staff to create our engineering, marketing, and manufacturing core. With the skills and experiences each individual brings to ASB, we offer you a source for the well engineered, high quality products you demand to meet the tough environment of Industrial Process Heating.

Quality, Innovation, Technical Excellence, and Fast Delivery are the services ASB offers you. Solving Your Process Heating Problems is our commitment to you.

Quality starts with the raw materials used to make the tubular elements. Exclusive use of Grade "A" magnesium oxide gives you maximum heater life, and 80-20 nickel chromium resistance wire to gives you outstanding heater performance. ASB heating elements are designed and built to perform, giving you many years of trouble free electric heating reliability.

Technical Excellence results from the many years experience ASB offers you to solving all your heating problems. This skill is vital to help you select the correct sheath material, be it Incoloy®, Inconel®, stainless steel, copper, steel, or other special sheath materials, for your heating task. Technical skill is also vital in selecting the optimum watt density for your specific needs. Sheath material selections and watt density are the most vital components to solving process heating applications. Design, engineering, and manufacturing are other key ingredients for Technical Excellence. ASB Heating Element's Quality Manual details the requirements and procedures to successfully build your heaters. Industrial Process Heating is a unique area of expertise where knowledge and experience is accumualted from solving heating situations like yours. ASB offers you this wealth of knowledge and experience, gained over many years of designing, manufacturing, and marketing Industrial Process Heaters.

Fast Delivery is vital to get your operation back into service in the shortest possible time. Our custom fabrication facility is ideally suited to making new heaters or replacement flange heaters, screw plug heaters, immersion heaters, tank heaters, or tubular heaters fast. Normal delivery is 2-3 weeks, or less in emergency situations, including heaters with Weather Resistant (NEMA 4) and Explosion Proof, Hazardous Location (NEMA 7) terminal boxes.


CalRod is a GE registered trademark
Incoloy, Inconel are Inco Ltd. registered trademarks.

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